The cornerstones of the Veritix® vision are based on the following four principles:

  • Client focus
  • Innovation
  • Advanced consumer technology
  • Reliability

Perhaps most importantly, Veritix allows you to own and control your entire ticketing operation. That ownership begins with the empowerment of ticketing, using dynamic ticket/event management and marketing tools within the system, and extends to the most important component of a ticketing service relationship…revenue. This model – coupled with the most advanced technology on the market – places Veritix above all other ticketing service providers.

Did you know?

The name Veritix combines two elements that strike at the core of the company's dedication to clients and partners: True Customer Activity, and Advanced Ticketing Services.


Veri – Drawn from the Latin root “Veritas” (truth), the prefix Veri represents the elements of truth that Veritix delivers to the sports and live entertainment industries.


Tix – Recognized widely as the abbreviation of “tickets,” “tix” simply represents the core business of Veritix: ticketing products and services for the sports and live entertainment industries.