Flash Seats®

Flash Seats® offers an innovative, cutting-edge solution combining digital venue access, a branded marketplace for electronic event access rights, and a retail-class behavioral marketing system for the sports and entertainment industries. Flash Seats launched its technology during the 2006-2007 NBA season with the Cleveland Cavaliers, and over 70,000 fans have used the system to enter Cavaliers games to date. The service consistently shows greater than 98% consumer satisfaction rating, with over 85% of users rating their satisfaction level as "Excellent" or "Above Average". The success of the initial roll out prompted the Cavaliers to extend the opportunity to other season ticket holders for the 2007 NBA playoffs and the 2007-2008 Season Ticket purchase.

Vertical Alliance

Founded in 2001, Vertical Alliance, Inc. has quickly become the ticketing services industry's leading provider of state-of-the-art ticketing, patron management, and digital marketing/promotional applications. The company offers its clients a fully integrated solution that combines the most advanced ticketing service features available today with a private labeled structure, extending the client's unique brand and identity; not the ticket company's. This offering enables all clients to genuinely own and control both the ticketing operations, as well as the relationship with their customers, while at the same time increasing event attendance, improving customer service, and streamlining all marketing initiatives.